Push and Pull Export

Push Export

When exporting using Better Bib(La)Tex you will be offered a new export option: Keep Updated. Checking this option registers the export for automation; any changes to the collection after you’ve completed the current export will trigger an automatic re-export to update the bib file. You can review/remove exports from the BBT preferences. While I’ve gone to some lengths to make sure performance is OK, don’t go overboard with the number of auto-exports you have going. Also, exporting only targeted selections over your whole library will get you better performance. You can set up separate exports for separate papers for example if you have set up a collection for each.

Pull Export

You can fetch your library as part of your build, using curl (for example by using the included zoterobib.yaml arara rule), or with a BibLaTeX remote statement like \addbibresource[location=remote]{http://localhost:23119/better-bibtex/collection?/0/8CV58ZVD.biblatex}. For Zotero standalone this is enabled by default; for Zotero embedded, you need to enable the embedded webserver from the BBT preferences screen (see below). You can then fetch your bibliography on the url http://localhost:23119/better-bibtex/collection?[collectionID].[format], where collectionID is:

or any multiple of those, separated by a ‘+’ sign.

The format is either ‘bibtex’ or ‘biblatex’, and determines the translator used for export.

You can add options to the export as URL parameters:

Zotero needs to be running and the embedded server needs to be enabled for this to work.